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New York Fashion Week

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            Every year, the women of New York look forward to the future and never look back.  This week is called, Fashion Week. If you've been following the shows at all (well, let's be honest, anyone with an Instagram feels like they're following), you know that Week 1 is officially in the books. Interesting enough, I've been hearing a common theme among many this year: that they aren't that impressed with the shows thus far. Interesting.....  I know first hand how much time, sweat, agony goes into developing a collection, much less showing at Fashion...

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Gorgeous colors everywhere. Mexican wedding dress. Swoon....     Frida Khalo everywhere         Sun's out, BUNZ OUT!    Insane sunsets   Sometimes, you just need to unplug and get out of town! These photos are actually from a trip to Sayulita, that I went on last year. It's a super bohemian, rustic little beach town off the coast of Puerta Vallarta. No resorts, super chill, and barely any night-life. You just hang, beach, sleep, and recharge...perfect getaway to feel inspired.  And, if you've read Gypset Style, you know that the infamous Mignot Sisters  have a gorgeous boutique there.  You definitely...

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Happy Birthday, 'Merica!

4thofjuly madeintheusa style


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Monday Blues

Not sure why we use the term 'feeling blue' as a negative thing.  Blue skies, blue seas and blue denim Chanel all make me a very happy girl!  Happy Monday!  Xo       

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A few of my favorite things....


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