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New York Fashion Week

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Every year, the women of New York look forward to the future and never look back.  This week is called, Fashion Week. If you've been following the shows at all (well, let's be honest, anyone with an Instagram feels like they're following), you know that Week 1 is officially in the books. Interesting enough, I've been hearing a common theme among many this year: that they aren't that impressed with the shows thus far. Interesting..... 

I know first hand how much time, sweat, agony goes into developing a collection, much less showing at Fashion Week. However, I too, only had a few collections that I was lusting after.  My hands-down favorite was Altuzarra.  The up-to-here- slits, the 80's shimmery metallics, the knee length pencil skirts? Want. It. All!  I was also really impressed with Victoria Beckham. Girlfriend knows how to design for a petite woman! Her dresses were form-fitting, flirty, yet totally wearable.

What did you think?  Impressed or unimpressed so far?  


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