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About Us


   Kamryn Dame began through experimenting  by Founder Nazy Fotoohi. Growing up in a family with a rich cultural history, the love of art, beauty, and design have always been in her blood. She is completely self-taught in fashion - from concept to design development, production and marketing. She launched her first capsule collection in 2009, which was seen in NYLON magazine, Z!NK, and worn by several icons in the fashion world.

Kamryn Dame isn't simply jewelry; it's a feeling and a way of life.  Nazy constantly sees inspiration in various forms throughout everyday life.  The current collection is meant to be raw and organic, yet refined with a universal appeal.  "I've spent quite a bit of time between California and New York City while developing my line.  That constant opposition of nature vs. concrete, natural vs. man-made has a large impact on my current design aesthetic. My hope is to create designs that appeal to a diverse range of women."